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I am Maja Kraljič (LinkedIn) and this is my personal blog I am writing since 2004. I'm interested in innovative web marketing, web design, Wordpress, my guitars, running and social media books. I live in Slovenia.

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In recent years I have designed and coded several web pages and some printed material. Here you can see some of my projects.

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WordPress: Add categories to pages and display posts with the same category on the page

23. Aug 13 | Web

Sometimes you need to have a page with all the posts in the same category listed on it but by default you can’t really do this in WordPress as there are no categories on posts.

Some solutions include adding a plugin where you define the categories in shortcode, other require several templates in your theme, but the solution I have implemented fits my needs perfectly – I have added categories to the page and then made a query to display only posts that in the same categories. It comes very handy when you want to map multiple categories to one page and when you have many pages.

In functions.php you have to register taxonomy to a custom object type. As a result categories will be added to pages admin.

Then in the theme template you first determine the categories of the current page and then create a query to get the posts in the same categories. The last part is to dipslay the posts on the page as you wish – in this example you have a thumbnail, category, title, excerpt and links to the post:

How to solve the issues with Contact Form 7 and other email forms in WordPress that don’t send out emails?

20. Aug 13 | Web

I was testing out various contact form plugins and none of them sent out emails and I knew the issue is not in plugins (they work just fine on some other sites), but the issue could be on my server or in the wordpress itself.

The server was using php 5.2.17 and WP 3.6 was installed. First I have tested if the email gets sent out. First to try out was mail() function

and it worked without issues. Then I tried wp_mail()

and I got an error. The timeout was caused by class-phpmailer.php on the line 737.

To solve the issue I went to WordPress wp-includes/class-phpmailer.php to the line 737 and commented out the preg_match and added return true;

Now all the emails are sent out without issues. Even better solution would be to correctly set the preg_match so if you have the knowledge you can also fix it.

Handball: Krim vs. FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria (Ferencvárosi) (31:25)

4. Mar 13 | Sport

Another home match, another win for Krim. After four matches in the main round Krim is the leader of the second group and with only two matches to go we can now for sure count on semi-finals. The only question now is who will manage to join Gyori (the leader of the first group) in the semi-finals. Most likely it will be Larvik, but Budučnost is also not far behind. My bets are on Larvik – I want to see them in Ljubljana – sooner or later.

[nggallery id=6]

Next Sunday Zvezda Zvenigorod is coming to play and I’m sure it will again be a great match.

One month with Blender

27. Feb 13 | Animation, Blender, Learning

Blender is an open source program for 3D / animation and you can download it for free at blender.org

I have first installed it one month ago and with a couple of tutorials, books and a weekly workshop I was able to produce the following models and simple animations:

Robot in Blender

Mouse in Blender

There are many tutorials available online – especially on YouTube channels like http://www.youtube.com/user/blendercookie just search for them and you will be able to learn for free.

Blender is a very capable 3D program and there were several short animations already made with it.

So learning Blender seems like an adventure in the making. Each day brings you something new and more inspiration to continue discovering what can be done with it.

Want to learn – go to Coursera

7. Feb 13 | Learning, Video

In the recent years many online platforms for sharing knowledge via video had been established – some are free of charge (like udacity.com, Khan Academy, Academic Earth) and for others you need to have a subscription or pay per view (for example lynda.com, Treehouse…).

The amount of knowledge available is sensational and there are no excuses any more for you not to learn at the best universities like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Berkeley, MIT.

My favorite platform at the moment is Coursera. It offers a variety of courses in humanities, social sciences, computer science, medicine, business, law… you can enroll and when the lectures start you will have access to video lectures (available to download) and ability to participate in meetups and completing given assignments.

In the past year I have taken the courses in Human-Computer Interaction (Stanford University), Gamification (University of Pennsylvania), Fantasy and Science Fiction (University of Michigan), Greek and Roman Mythology (University of Pennsylvania) and some others and it’s the perfect way to challenge yourself to do all reading assignment. You will gain knowledge on the given topic even if you don’t participate in the online discussions after you watch the lectures.

Right now my favorite course is The Language of Hollywood: Storytelling, Sound and Color (Wesleyan University) where the history of Hollywood films is in focus and you will have an assignment to watch two feature films each week plus their analysis. Here are some films we are going to cover:

Another course that I find interesting and starts in 17 days is Women and the Civil Rights Movement. Feel free to enroll!

Krim’s first match in the main round of Women’s EHF Champions League

3. Feb 13 | Sport

After Larvik HK defeated Randers HK (25:19) and Györi AUDI ETO KC blew away Buducnost T-Mobile (27:17) in the main round of Women’s EHF Champions League, today the other two matches from the second group will be played.

At 14:00 CET Zvezda Zvenigorod vs. RK Krim Mercator and at 18:00 CET C.S. Oltchim Rm. Valcea vs. FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria

Jelena Grubišić

Go Krim!

Update: Krim defeated Zvezda.

Bon Jovi in Europe

3. Feb 13 | Music

Bon Jovi tour Because we can starts in one week in the USA. While waiting for them to visit Munich (May 18) and Milano (June 29) we got two candies last week. Promoting the last single and upcoming album Bon Jovi flew over to Europe and had a couple of live streamed concerts.

This was also the first time they had played some of the new songs live and made a good impression. My fav at this moment is “That’s what the water made me”…but it might change in a couple of days.

Bon Jovi in London

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 Bon Jovi in Stuttgart

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)

Nevertheless, I would ban them from playing Who says you can’t go home. The most annoying song to hear live… And don’t worry if you don’t agree with me as you will be able to hear it at every concert on the tour.

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